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the lifeboat series is a set of cds released by sea records. it borrows very heavily from the archivist work of harry smith, alan lomax and others. essentially, the lifeboat series is a way of recording for posterity artists that might otherwise be lost. these are artists that may or may not play live, may or may not actually consider themselves musicians, may or may not exist in any meaningful form outside of someone’s imagination, bedroom and tape recorder.

each comes in a standard brown card sleeve with a hand-stamped image on them.

each image is unique to that recording.

lifeboat series discography:

'the tightrope walkers ep'
cat no.: lb004
format: cd ep
released: 15/1/07
1. horsehoof poker
2. (everybody says) i’m a fool
3. lonely backwaters
4. the gin porter
5. the slow week
6. mr renfield’s remedy
PEA SEA EP pea sea
'pea sea ep'
cat no.: lb003
format: cd ep
released: 25/9/06
1. beat broth child
2. my fair lady
3. they’re after you, johnny!
4. come over
5. a pound
6. dresden
7. i long to turn right
8. rise above them
9. that dog


wolf people
'wolf people ep'
cat no.: lb002
format: cd ep
released: 27/6/06

1. black water
2. empty heart
3. october fires
4. untitled
5. you stole the colour

STINK TAPS EP  stink taps
'stink taps ep'
cat no.: lb001
format: cd ep
released: 10/04/06
1. on my own w/ lee
2. phasers
3. my friend
4. your sleeping face
5. don’t tell anyone
6. i, askew












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