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Pea Sea

'The Debatable Land' is the debut album, released in shops on 27th May 2013. Available in the Sea Records shop and to download from itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Emusic.....

Check out 'Come Over' and 'Inconceivable' on Soundcloud and their respective videos.

Pea Sea happened in 1997 as a reaction to the frustrations of living in a small town where nothing happens. As a result not much happened, that is until Pea Sea reached The Static Waves with a cassette. Pea Sea's own hosing records emerged as a bedroom label/art moniker for various subsequent projects and still exists after a move from Gretna to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Pea Sea was the third release in our Lifeboat Series with artwork from Darren Banks.












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